A little thank you aka “burger initiative”

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A little thank you aka “burger initiative”

The first Lockdown 2020 was not only a great challenge for our customers but also for us. Direct contact with colleagues and experts was always available and went smoothly until then. With lockdown, however, came home office. Suddenly at home, without the usual colleagues around. In spite of all the circumstances, we have been very successful in adapting our customers to the new conditions and thus making home offices possible for a large number of them.

This effort had to be rewarded. For this reason, our managing directors were transformed into food suppliers in order to reward our colleagues, scattered throughout Vienna and Lower Austria, with a small surprise lunch.

Freshly grilled burgers it had to be. Together with the management, the plan was worked out late in the evening and put into action just one day later. Purchasing professional Michael provided everything necessary, grill master Georg brought the necessary equipment and the rest provided the necessary motivation and drive.

The routes were clear, the schedule was set and off we went. Burger after burger was fried and delivered. A very successful action, which was very well received by the colleagues. A small but very important thank you for the commitment in this very exhausting time and therefore absolutely deserved!