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Become a Techwave Partner

Are you an IT entrepreneur and do you offer the same services as we do? We are looking for IT companies with 1-8 employees to become stronger together.

The goals of our partnership are to make local IT companies successful and to shorten their set-up time.

Techwave Partner werden

Step 1

  • Cooperation agreement
  • support each other
  • Exchange of experience
  • as long as we want / no binding period


  • Structuring the team organization
  • less effort
  • more revenue

Step 2

  • if both parties wish
  • after 2-3 years of cooperation
  • joint GmbH


  • several support teams in the joint GmbH
  • Limit managing director effort to 20h per week
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase annual profit
Techwave IT Service Partner


Give me a call: Michael Slabschi