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Bless you! THAT is more important than expertise, experience and the like.

The greatest knowledge is of little use if we are sick in bed with it. We put our colleagues first, which is why the health of our employees is very important to us. How do we keep ourselves fit and healthy? Michael has already given a lot of thought to this topic. The result is 2 – in our opinion – special offers for our employees:

1.) Early Bird Training in the Praterallee

Every Thursday morning, before work starts, some colleagues meet in the Prater Hauptallee and have a running session together. This not only leads to a healthier feeling, but also boosts the start of the day immensely. Participation is of course voluntary, but anyone who has participated knows the benefits very much 😊

(Due to the current COVID-19 measures, joint training has been put on hold for the time being and will be resumed with as soon as there is a relaxation of the measures).

2.) Sporty 45

At a time when there are exit restrictions and we are all trying to join forces to counteract the current pandemic, we must not forget about ourselves.

TECHWAVE has therefore decided to “donate” at least 45 minutes per working day to each employee for sporting activities. Whether cycling, running or even a long walk – the main thing is to get out of your own 4 walls and exercise. Many of our colleagues like to take advantage of this offer and really enjoy these 45 minutes. Often it doesn’t take much, but at least EVERYTHING to provide more motivation and enjoyment while staying healthy and fit.