Why Techwave

What we do has really good reasons

Regional companies are close to our hearts – their services are irreplaceable and, we believe, not interchangeable with global offerings.

These companies and the people who work in them achieve great things: they create local jobs in a globalised market. Their passion and motivation ensure the prosperity of our society. What about us? We are grateful for this and support these companies – with IT solutions that relieve the burden and make them fit for the future. Together we are getting a little bit better every day. We at TECHWAVE strengthen regional companies so that their diversity can continue to enrich the lives of us all.

We adapt our service to our customers, not the customers to our service.

Perfectly matched to you
Support at your desired level: We only provide the services you really need. In doing so, we match your level of knowledge exactly, depending on whether you are an end user or an IT expert.
We are there when you need us
Your company has very specific requirements for the response time of our specialists. We guarantee the necessary service level. Our app allows you to create your complete IT inventory, which can also be accessed at any time.
Your own account manager
Save yourself and your team time and nerves by not having to send your concerns to different contacts. Your personal contact person works with you and, if necessary, also takes over the coordination of other experts.
Best Performance
Exclusively specialists for your system: With us, not only does a professional come to you during the initial consultation, but our team also consists exclusively of specialists for the day-to-day work.
How we work

We focus on your concerns.

Techwave - Ihre IT-Bedürfnisse

Flexibility is our strength.
We’ll adjust to you.

How business-critical is your IT? Do you need a defined specialist?
Normal requests are handled by us on the same day, at the latest on the next working day. Emergencies are usually handled immediately.
If you need a defined/guaranteed response time, we will make you an individual offer.
Techwave Maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für IT Systeme

Only purchase services that really get you ahead.

We define together which IT activities you would like to take over yourself and where you would like to call on the support of specialists. This ranges from the selective request of specialists for support with a server configuration, to complete IT support (server, PC, network, users,..).
For each variant, we can draw on proven and effective processes. This ensures effective and cost-optimized IT operating.
Techwave IT Support: Warum

Your IT system is in good hands.

To ensure optimal IT support, your personal supervisor takes over all tasks. This enables efficient processing of all IT issues.
Your account manager also coordinates all other suppliers for your IT (e.g. telephone system, printer service). This means that you have a single point of contact for all your IT needs.
Should your personal support staff not be able to react immediately (training, vacation), the helpdesk will take over. Thanks to our precise IT documentation, everyone in the team knows immediately about all configurations.
Techwave Spezialisten - Warum

Best performance by our specialists.

Reliability and know-how
Corporate IT has the requirement to run 100% stable.
That's why you will be looked after exclusively by specialists. This saves time and money for administration and gives you the good feeling of working with a high-performance IT system.

Techwave principles

We are experts!
What we do, we do well. Because only in this way do we have the necessary self-confidence in dealing with our customers. To this end, we continue to train on our own responsibility.
We take responsibility and talk about it!
We find ways, not excuses. We measure ourselves solely by results. - We proactively take responsibility - for our team, - for our customers, - for our own actions and self-discipline, - for our self-motivation and personal development, - for active communication We always keep all acting persons up-to-date about relevant information.
We create solutions that inspire!
We design the solutions for our customers sustainably. We think about the subsequent effects of our solution paths to ensure stable systems in the long term. To inspire our customers, our solutions offer an added extra.
IT has to work!
Customers hire us so that they can take care of their day-to-day business. We ensure that our customers' IT functions without downtime.
Defeats and criticism make us stronger!
Nobody is perfect. People who deal with defeat and criticism constructively and learn from both will become better. It's not about being better than someone else, but about being better every day than the day before.
We are fast, but do not rush!
Our activities are demanding. That's why it's important to have enough time for regeneration. We therefore complete our tasks in our working hours - quickly and carefully. That way, we get more done in less time.

Make your life easier with Techwave!

Faster problem solving through more efficient workflows. More pleasant work due to an overall view of the support and more efficient processes save internal & external costs!

Write to us, we look forward to hearing from you!